Welcome to Walk Away from the Sun

The world has always been filled with mystery and wonder. Some of them had already been solved, others are still unsolved to this very day. It is such mysteries that makes us wonder what the world really holds. Find out what wonders shall be discover as a group of travelers set out into the great unknown, destined to travel the world and see these mysteries unfold.


May 8th, 2013, 9:47 pm

Future updates

Okay, I will admit, I had not been updating this comic like I am supposed to. And for that, I am sorry. Reason for this is because:

1. I was not in the comic making mood.

2. I was trying to create a background in eloui but it kept screwing up on me to the point I had to search for the background.

So anyway, expect an update next week and know that this comic is far from dead now.

PS. Anyone know a good website that can create backgrounds besides eloui?

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